12 reasons you should always look out for a Heart to Heart conversation


Its 2 Am as I write this down. I am supposed to turn up tomorrow for a lecture I’m least bothered about and later, I have a job I don’t like to be at.  But I just had an amazing conversation with a friend and I feel so good about life.

 So here’s what a good conversation makes you feel and here’s also why long, late night, random and honest conversations are the best.

  1. Refreshes your mood! 

After a tiring day it’s the one thing that is refreshing you.

yep, the same way you need a conversation!

Let’s just say it’s the coffee you need during a boring meeting.

      2. Good Vibes 

The good vibes it brings as the time passes and there you are, enjoying interaction as the birds take a flight home, the night awakening and the silence spreading with the right words falling into your ears or scrolling through your eyes. (Text conversations, in case)

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  1. Brings out the artist in you. 

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You feel passionate about everything. It’s the catalyst to the artist in you. 
The best of conversations have always made you a better person. 

      4. Builds confidence 

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There is a new level of confidence that builds in you after you’ve talked life with someone like you’ve opened all the knots in your mind/heart.

  1. New perspective develops.

You see things differently and pictures become clear when you talk to someone. 

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Need improvising? Go converse with someone.

  1. You learn new things.

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There, our little conversation taught you something too. 

  1.  Reliability.  ‘…know you’re not alone.’  

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You know, the OMG moment it brings when you agree upon the same things. Such a moment of rush, right?!

The best of friends are made because of such conversations!

  1. Ranting. 

You know what is best? When somebody understands and totally relates to your rant. Legit comedy scene happening, right there!

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  1. Memories. 

An amazing conversation creates a beautiful memory. You might not remember everything from the conversation but there’s always a cue left and you never forget this amazing person.

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Ahh! Memories. 

  1. Did I tell you how you could meet your soul mate because of a conversation?

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    Just like they found each other. 

  1. Brings gratitude.  

Makes you more grateful about life and the universe. You feel like you belong once you had this beautiful soul to soul conversation.


Just as beautiful as this image is

  1. PEACE! 

A good conversation ALWAYS brings a feeling of satisfaction, liveliness and tranquility.

and sometimes conversations lead you to it.

But remember

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” ― William Hazlitt