5 Things You Must Do In RAIPUR This March

 1. Oh! We have our own Marine Drive

Raipur’s Telibandha Lake is a perfect spot to rejuvenate after a tiring day. As the sun sets and the smell of street food surrounds and overwhelms all your senses, you feel free from all the tensions and worries, and begin to enjoy the moment.

2. Not been to Khajuraho yet? Welcome to Bhoramdeo Temple

What is the speciality of this temple? Well, it is a complex of temples in the interior of the mountain range. It comprises of four temples – Bhoramdeo temple, Madwa Mahal, Istaliq temple and Cherki Mahal.

3. Mesmerising Waterfall

Chitrakote Falls

As magnificent as Niagara Falls, Chitrakote Falls more or less give a compliment to Niagara.If you ask me, they are similar to Olsen sisters except that they don’t have any plastic surgery or foundations on. The best feature about Chitrakote is a single flat flow that allows a free fall of mighty river Indravati. When the flow is not very fast, you can notice the Chitrakote Fall in three braids unlike the monsoon season. Hence, the best time to visit is when the level rises making the current swift and mighty. The strong current makes the ambience look misty. Truly a sight not to miss! You can also paddle around the river near the fall. Experience India’s largest waterfall.

Teerathgarh Falls

This mystic waterfall is a block designed fall, which appears to gush along a curvy slope wave after wave. The display picture certainly helps the imagine squall how the ambience would look or feel like. This mesmerising waterfall is also known as milky fall for its white colour water formed as it gushes downward turning into pristine white colour.

Tamra Ghoomar Falls

Tamra Ghoomar Falls is a natural wonder for tourists and it has become a popular picnic spot as well. This scenic spot near Chitrakoot is filled with untouched natural beauty and divine landscapes and a walk in this hidden treasure is not to be missed. Indeed a perfect example of one of its kind eco-tourism in India.

4. Wildlife…Yes, its that diverse in the ecological department

Wildlife sanctuaries like Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, Kanger Valley National Park, etc…are blessed will all kinds of flora and fauna that will blow your mind.

5. The 5th one?

Why don’t you come and find it out yourself when you attend this year’s EQUINOX at IIM Raipur! OH! Yeah…EQUINOX !!

Find more details about Equinox here

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