This Ad Shows Exactly How Creepy Men Are When They Stare At Women

This is how Creepy Men look like when they stare at Girls. See it yourself.

If you’re a woman and have been in a public place, chances are you’ve been the recipient of an unwanted leer or stare from a Creepy Men. Sometimes the staring turns into more.

“WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” is the need of the hour. On 16th December 2012, the horrific incident of Nirbhaya’s Rape Case not only shattered Nirbhaya’s family but every single Indian. This incident did trigger a sense of solidarity to stand up, fight against and do our best to eradicate such atrocities & gender inequality.

Whistling Woods International commissioned their Alumni Ketan Rana to make this ad on Woman Empowerment.
Watch the video & Spread the awareness to Think, Reflect & Act!