Everything you need to know about the current beloved band “Cigarettes After Sex”

“Cigarettes After Sex” doesn’t it remind you of all those times you were in love or drunk on the feeling of being loved?

An American ambient pop musical group led by Greg Gonzalez and signed with Partisan Records (http://partisanrecords.com/artist/cigarettes-after-sex/ )which quotes,

“Right from the off, Gonzalez’s ability to set a scene and sustain a mood reels you in deeply. “

Cigarettes After Sex is the new “love of our life” music band. Everyone is so in love with the hazy and romantic songs that a true music lover will obviously have at least one single by the Cigarettes After Sex on their playlist.

If you don’t yet know about this Brooklyn based Band, please read all the way through and FAN GIRLS, life’s getting better after this.

The music by Cigarettes After Sex has the power to take you down to the memory lane or help you live in the present a little more or possibly build hope for a bitter- sweet romance the lyrics deploy.
Overall, the band and its songs are a MUST LISTEN for you…

The very firsts of their hits including “Keep on loving you” and “Affection” had crossed 1 million views through YouTube suggestions after which the band saw a new level of popularity and the  rest as they say is History.

We stalked Cigarettes After Sex a little bit more and found that they are currently on a tour and would be touring till the entire year almost but no where close to India.
The good news though is they have a new album releasing on the 9th  of June. YAAAY!!!!! 

                                                                             Cover of the new album


Greg Gonzalez, the lead and the founder of the band has been interviewed by a few foreign journalists and a few of his answers to peculiar questions make us fall in love with the Band more. 

                                                                         Front man – Greg Gonzalez

Here’s what we are talking about.

In an interview with the “THE SEVENTH HEX” (http://theseventhhex.com) Greg talked about his songs being picked from real life incidences and how it has been such an amazing life for him living in Texas and living memories he’s collected…

TSH: Tell us more about where you grew up, giving you a rarer perspective on life…

Greg: I’d say I had a very positive upbringing… I grew up in El Paso, Texas and it’s a beautiful, spread out city with amazing sunsets and mountains in the middle. As a teenager I played video games and recorded the soundtracks I liked onto cassettes. I watched soft-core porn and knew who my favourite actresses were. I took LSD with friends and went camping at a lake nearby some weekends listening to the Truman Show soundtrack and the Doors. Also, I went swimming, watched movies and played guitar.

TSH: You’ve touched on going to memories and most of your songs being based on true stories from your life. What sort of expressions and instances have you been pulling from lately?

Greg: It’s been the same as far as referencing moments I’ve shared with someone. The main difference is that the songs end up being about long distance relationships and fleeting passionate moments rather than long love affairs lately.

TSH: What does it feel like to dig in to a vivid memory and extract a song from it?

Greg: It feels like time traveling maybe. I can see the rooms I was in and start to recall the emotions I had. It’s a beautiful feeling to revisit these memories for me. I feel lucky to have had them whether they were good or bad.

Such a pleasant read, right!?

(For the full interview visit,

We know that there is a song for every situation but Cigarettes After Sex is the one band that will not fail you given any mood you are in.
The covers of these song are a treat too because of their simplistic yet pleasing visuals.  

Also, the lovely Front man, Greg, curated a valentine’s day heartbreak playlist for the 2017 valentine’s which was featured on the “Independent” and it has little notes by him on it and they are PRICELESS! Don’t get me started on the playlist… it makes me want to dance with joy that I know about it’s existence.

This is the link to the playlist article. 


With everything lined up here’s also a link to all the songs by Cigarettes After Sex. 


Thank us for this later but for now, GO LISTEN TO THESE HEART WARMING SONGS!!!!!