Annoying but sweet things that mothers do

Secondly, let’s rant about the cuteness moms are! 

I don’t know where to begin because our awesome Indian moms are such multi tasking women, it gets confusing how to put everything together chronologically. But even then, I have tried.
If you relate tag your mom, aunts, wives and sisters in this post to remind them that motherhood how much ever tiring it may be is the best thing that could have probably happened to them.
And that you are grateful that you have them as moms! 

  1. The Constant PYAAR ! 

    Some days mothers get so cuddly they can’t get their hands off your cheeks.
    Reminds me of the Nivea ad. It’s the cutest! 


  2. Hello, hazaar phone kar chuki hu NALAYUK ! 

    You know exactly what I’m talking about!  Pyari Maa will never forget to call you exactly when you’re busy enough to not answer the phone.
    You miss one call = 15 mins of lecture on “Phone uthake phek de”

    Miss 2-5 calls = Aaj maa ne khana nai khana hai.

    Miss 5-10 calls = She now thinks you’re a drug addict, your lover robbed you and you’re probably in jail or something.

    Miss 10 calls and more = You’re dead unless you tell her that you were in the queue at the temple singing bhajans.


  3. Achaar, Papad, Ladoo ! 

    If ever you lived away from home for 15 or more than fifteen days, you know that on the weekend you are going to receive a parcel full of food.
    Chutni, Achaar, Papad, Namkeen, Ladoo, Instant upma… everything the world can probably offer is in that box. 
    God forbid you live in a hostel, You’ll never see the things in the box except for the wrappers. 

  4. Beta, Shaadi karle ! 

    If your mom hasn’t said this to you yet, you are a 5 year old and you should not be on the internet!
    Mothers are always going to be worried about your marriage and after you’ve hit puberty, the only reason she shops for cutlery, clothing or home decor is because, BETE/ BETI KI  SHAADI MEIN KAAM AYENGE!

  5.  Whom are you texting?

    Please tel me this happens to you too.
    Because you have a sad life and your bae is your dog and well, it can’t text so you laugh and blush at all the memes on the internet which obviously you look at through your phone while your mom is in the room and then she has Monica’s third vein popping up on her head
    and she asks you,
    “Whom are you texting?”
    and you are laughing but crying on the inside because now you in big trouble… yeah, that time! 

    So now your mom thinks you have many affairs and your crush does not even know you exist! FML


    If ever you mom said this to you, you know it feels exactly how Titanic felt when it hit the iceberg. 
    Apparently, asking you to clean your room first is the one weapon mothers can use to not let you go to the party. AND IT WORKS ALL THE TIME!!!

  7. Beta, Khana Khaya? 

    A conversation with mom will never end without her asking this question. She has to know you ate, she has to know what you ate
    and God Forbid you tell her something unhealthy (Pizza, Burger) she’s probably going to spend the next 45 mins talking about food, spinach and milk. 

Even after all these very irritating things that mothers do, you miss it if she does not do it and then you go all cuddly Nivea ad to her and there you are, Mama and her Bachha, happy happy !! 

Dear Mom, 
You are the best. 

Happy Mother’s day !