What women need to know on women’s day

From a woman to a woman, on women’s day

Let’s get this out in the open. Call it my promises, my inspiration or my overwhelming response to the fact that it has been 103 years since women’s day was first celebrated but these are a few things I want all the women out there to know.

And dear men, I think this is relate-able to the whole of human race, so you’re welcome to read through as well… 

I want to promise every woman out there that although I can’t help you out in every way possible,I can do these little acts of kindness and show my support for every struggle in life you are going through because each of us is important and we need to remind each other that in these little promises.

  I also request all those in agreement to these promises to tag and share this with as many people as you can to make sure you tell every woman out there that you respect them! 

  1. I promise to not judge you for what you wear. 

  2. I promise to tell you that you look beautiful the moment I think so.
  3. I promise that I will let you know if your attire has a dysfunction.
    NO, not the “bra strap showing” kind. 
  4. I will stand by you if someone does anything that is off limits.
  5. I will appreciate your efforts and compliment you for whatever it is about you, I like.
  6.  In the club, if the guy won’t stop annoying you, gurrrlll, Imma take him down and you can dance your night away. 
  7.  You know the guy who keeps staring at you? I promise to make sure he knows I am staring at him and make him realize the discomfort you feel. 
  8. I will also hold your hair while you puke in the toilet even when i don’t know you.
  9. I promise to not cheat on you with your man. 
  10. I promise that I would make you feel comfortable in/as whatever you want to be and not ask you to stand up to anybody’s expectations but yours.
  11. I will respect your career and always, always try to help you with it.
  12. Some days, I might even offer you a coffee gift card because we all need a break. 
  13. I promise that on days when you feel the need to have some dessert and just chill with loud music, I will be there! 
  14. I won’t stop you from eating fries but I also won’t stop the treadmill.
  15. I will make sure whoever made you fell less confident, uncomfortable and disrespectful will realize they messed with the wrong human. 
  16. I will tell you I’m proud of you often.
  17. The days you have an emergency need of sanitary napkins, do not hesitate to ask because I will provide it. No matter what!
  18. If you  are pregnant, I am going to offer you my seat, help to carry your heavy bag or whatever it is that you need.
  19. I’m going to baby sit your baby if you need me to.
  20. I will not  have any stereotypical ‘baby’ girl expectations from any baby girl.
  21. Honestly, I would not raise a “girl” conditioning them about waiting for their prince charming.
  22. I’d teach each one of our tribe all the arts I know.
  23.  I will also be the Phoebe in the party you come to like drunk Monica. 
  24. Late working hours?! Worry not. As a woman, out late in the night like you are, I will make sure both of us are safe.
  25. Always feel free to ask for hair ties.
  26. Dear granny, I’ll love to help you with your Android phone functioning. 
  27. Mom, just some days, I’ll do all the chores and you can Netflix and chill
  28. I promise I will not judge your driving skills.

    Because we are good drivers too. 

  29. I promise to not consider it my business when it comes to “how many guys you are/were dating”
  30.  Your sex life is ALWAYS going to be your choice, I promise. 
  31. I will not judge you based on what time you come home. 
  32. I would be independent in all the possible ways and only then set foot into a marriage or raising a family.  
  33. Kids or no kids is YOUR personal matter. As a woman, I will not pressurize you for a family. 
  34. I promise that I will help you be a better person in life and hope you do so for me as well.

  35. And every time you give me a helpless look, I’m going to be your strength and remind you of the “shakti” that you are…

    Here’s wishing all the lovely ladies out there a Happy Women’s Day and a progressive life.   
    Share this and let the women out there know that you are always going to be there… spread some good vibes!!!