Radhika Apte and Kenny Sebastian on Abish Mathew’s show ‘Son of Abish’ are GOALS right now

Guys, if you haven’t yet seen the 3rd episode of Son of Abish featuring Radhika Apte and Kenny Sebastian then you’ve missed out on something amazing and funny…. you need to watch this NOW!!!

Son of Abish came out 2 years ago, a comedy show that had various hilarious segments and guests especially from the comedy background coming in, did so well, that now, you guys, the show is back with another waaaayyyyy better season. Wooho!!

   Season two of Son of Abish came out in February, its first episode featuring Tanmay Bhat, the AIB co-founder and the very loved singer/music director, Vishal Dadlani.

The second episode had the members of TVF, one of the most viral YouTube channels in India, famous for all its unique series, Nidhi Bisht and Biswapati Sarkar  but from an audience to another, the 3rd episode which has Radhika Apte and Kenny Sebastian as it’s guest is so far the BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED ON THE SHOW!!!!! 

Also, you might fall in love with Radhika Apte all over again for being the sweetest, nicest, prettiest and all the ‘beautiful’ adjectives there are!

The entry of these two astounding guests itself makes you wanna giggle a little bit…. OUT OF AWE!!!!!!  

Fun fact:
Kanan and Biswa are also in this particular episode and I promise you are going to roll on the floor laughing during their bits. 

Just btw, the video is #24 on the trending list!!! yaaaaaayy!!!!!

P.S. Kenny Sebastian’s childhood story and his reaction to Radhika Apte being married is sooooooo dammmmnnn funnnnnyyyy!!!! 😀

Go ahead and watch these two amazing people being awesome on Abish’s show, you can thank me later…