This Tech Company is Making Futuristic Bendable Smartphones


Last year after the launch of IPhone 6, tech giant Apple faced major embarrassment after the issue of Iphone 6 bendgate (mocked as bendable smartphones) surfaced.

That time no one knew that this problem for one can be a boon for another tech company.

Innovation is good to go to take off to cutting edge statures. Computer and Mobile maker Lenovo is taking a shot at bendable smartphones and foldable tablets that may soon hit the market in the coming years.

The cell phone and the tablet were teased and introduced to a crowd at the event — Lenovo’s Tech World 2016 on June 9th in San Francisco, California.

The phone and the tablet both seem to be splendid inventions and are made with the most recent screen bend technology. Technology which makes the phone equipped for turning into a wristband and the tablet can be collapsed down the middle to very nearly a phone size.

Both the gadgets run on Android platform and may soon be found in the market, taking innovation to another level.

Please have a look at the first look at this technology :


We hope Apple doesn’t sue Lenovo for taking an idea from their problems.