7 Unique things to do on a first date to make it interesting

First date especially a blind one can get really awkward. I say so from personal experience. Also, you could totally do something productive in those 2 very important hours or however long your dates goes on rather than think when the date is going to get over, right? So why not make it interesting, productive as well as less awkward?

Here’s a few ideas you could try on your first date next time… oh and for the lovely couples out there, care to get out of the cuddle mode and try these fun things?

  1. Take a dance class together.  

    Bachata is the new SALSA folks!( Like pink used to be the new BLACK)  It is the most sexiest dance style there is. (Watch, you’ll know!) 

    But you obviously have to keep in mind that your partner is okay with a dance class which involves a bit of sensuality and intimacy.  Details to workshops are mentioned on their social media.
    Also, people in Mumbai, check out Houses of wow for the best dance workshops! https://www.facebook.com/houseofwowmumbai/

  2.  Music walk! 

    There’s this gadget available called the earphone splitter which allows you to plug in two earphones to a single device.
    So the date is all about walking to beautiful places and listening to music which each of you like.
    Trust me when I say this, good music can work wonders on a first date.

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  3. Attend a stand up comedy gig

    What better than making your date laugh out loud? Comedy scenes have become so frequent these days that it’s the easiest date you can have but with a lot of fun. 
    – Canvas Laugh Club. https://canvaslaughclub.com/
    The cuckoo club, Mumbai. https://www.facebook.com/toocuckoo/

    or you could just BOOK MY SHOW it ! 

  4. Go cycling.

    Midnight cycling for a first date is a bit too much but if your date is adventurous and fun loving why not?  During the day is also good though!
    Because it’s been ages we cycled, right?
    Mumbai Travelers for one, is a good agency to rely on for all the arrangements and responsibilities.


  5. Attend a lecture which interests both of you.

    This link might be helpful though. https://www.facebook.com/NewAcropolisIndia/

    This s something amazing to do because post the lecture, both of you will have so much to discuss later.  
    For this one you need to go through the newspaper or Facebook events.  

  6. Go to a Animal shelter oooorrrrrr a Cafe which has cutest pets ever!!!!!!!!

    Lucky people in Mumbai, listing a few for y’all.
    Cat Cafe Studio, Mumbai. 

    picture courtesy: Cat Cafe studio

    Yoda Shelter, Mumbai.

    – Save our Strays. Mumbai. 

    courtesy: Internet

  7. Take a art workshop together.

    Pottery, Painting, Zumba, Cooking or craft. You have so many options these days for a workshop.
    Discuss it with your date and you are good to go for an amazing first date ! 

    Because, let’s face it, sipping coffee while thinking what to say next is too mainstream! 

    Hope your next date is as fun as you would like it to be…