Confused About The Difference Between UK, England & Great Britain ?

Britain, United Kingdom ( UK ), The Great Britain: 3 names by which we realize that one piece of mass close to the European continent. Be that as it may, are these 3 simply diverse names for the same thing, or do they all mean separate things? Also, in the event that they are the same thing, then why do they have 3 separate names? If you are confused about this, as 90% of the general population on the planet, we’ll get things out.


The United Kingdom is not one nation, it is a mix of 4 separate nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Also, Great Britain is not by any stretch of the imagination a political name. It is to a greater degree a geological classification. It speaks to the landmass of the United Kingdom that contains England, Scotland and Wales. Indeed, United Kingdom is a short form for “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. Whew.

Have a look at this Video about UK:

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